Publishing House

Publishing house “Conception” Co Ltd.

Legal address: Krupskaya Street, 17/1, Ryazan, postal code – 390044.

Postal address: Ryazan, post office box 58, postal code – 390044.

Telephone number: +7-800-250-73-02


Director: Fomina Anna Vladimirovna

Bank details:

Publishing house “Conception” Co Ltd.

VATIN/ tax registration reason code: 6229045796/622901001
Settlement account: № 40702810700010004207, “Prio-Vneshtorgbank, PLC”, Ryazan.

Loro account: 30101810500000000708

Bank identification number: 046126708

The journal is registered in the Federal service for supervision in the sphere of communications, information technology and mass communications (ROSKOMNADZOR). Media registration certificate PI No FS77- 41561 from August the 13th, 2010. Promoter: Iroshnikov Denis Vladimirovich