1. The present procedure for the review of manuscripts submitted for publication in the journal “Legal science” (hereinafter – the Order) determines the procedure for reviewing scientific articles, reviews, opinions and reviews provided by the authors for publication in the journal “Legal science” (hereinafter – the Journal).
  2. Every manuscript submitted to the Journal must undergo a review procedure.
  3. Manuscript received by the editor of the Journal, discusses the editor on the subject of its conformity to the profile of the Magazine, design requirements and is reviewed by a specialist.
  4. As a General rule, the reviewing is performed by one of the members of the editorial Board – an expert on the subject of peer-reviewed materials having for the last three years the scientific publications on the subject of the submitted manuscript. For more effective expert evaluation of manuscripts the editorial Board has the right to engage external reviewers – experts on the subject of peer-reviewed materials (doctors or candidates of Sciences, including practitioners who have over the last three years the scientific publications on the subject of the manuscript).
  5. Reviewers are informed that the review procedure is confidential. Reviewers are not allowed to copy the articles and send them to third parties.
  6. The review is confidential to the authors of the articles. The review is given to the author upon his written request without a signature and the name, position and affiliation of the reviewer.
  7. The timing of the review of manuscripts:

7.1. The editor examines the provided for publication a manuscript in accordance with clause 3 of the Order within seven days from the date of its provision

to the editor.

7.2. The process of the review specialist is carried out within fourteen days from the date of his manuscript to the chief editor.

7.3. Within the time specified in sub. 7.1 and 7.2 of the Order are not included weekends and public holidays established by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

7.4. By agreement of the editorial Board and reviewer, the reviewing of the manuscript can be produced in a shorter time with a view to the rational formation of editorial portfolio.

  1. The content of the review:

8.1. The review should include a peer review of the manuscript by the following parameters:

8.1.1. the compliance of the content of the manuscript title;

8.1.2. the relevance of the research topic;

8.1.3. scientific novelty of the received results;

8.1.4. the appropriateness of a manuscript for publication, taking into account the previously issued on the subject of literature;

8.1.5. the presentation of the material (language, style, completeness and logic of the presentation);

8.1.7. the legality and validity of borrowing.

8.2. The reviewer may make recommendations to the author for improvement of the manuscript. Comments and suggestions of the reviewer should be objective and principled, aimed at improving the scientific level manuscripts.

8.3. In the final part of the review should contain one of the following decisions:

8.3.1. recommend accepting the manuscript for publication in the Journal;

8.3.2. recommend accepting the manuscript for publication in the Journal to make technical changes;

8.3.3. recommend accepting the manuscript for publication in the Journal after the removal of the author of the reviewer’s comments (with the subsequent direction to re-review by the same reviewer);

8.3.4. recommend to refuse publication manuscripts in the Journal due to the inconsistency of its scientific level, or other criteria the requirements of the relevant manuscripts.

9. In the case of adoption by a reviewer of a decision specified in sub. 8.3.3 Order, revised by the author, the manuscript is sent for review again.

If the reviewer when re-reviewing takes a similar decision, the manuscript shall be considered rejected and not subject to review by the editorial Board.

10. In cases of adoption by the reviewer of the decisions specified in sub. 8.3.2–8.3.4 Order, the text of the review is sent to the author of the manuscript.

11. The final decision to accept the manuscript for publication in the Journal are made by the chief editor on the basis of the review.

12. The originals are kept in the Magazine for five years from the date of their signature by the reviewer.

13. Within the period established by clause 12 of the Order, a copy of the review is available in the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation in case of submission to the editorial Board of the Journal request.

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