Proposal to make Offers

The following notice is a proposal to make Offers

Any interested person who is the author (co-author)[1] or other appropriate copyright holder of exclusive rights over the work (scientific article, review, hereinafter – the Work), including the rights of use to the extent necessary to implement the following actions in connection with the publication (hereinafter – the Author), can transmit the text of the Work issued in accordance with the requirements of the material, for the purpose of subsequent publication in the journal “Legal science”.

A set of actions: the direction of the Author of the text of Work in the editorial office of the journal “Legal science” and the text of the Offer [2] , a sample of which is available at the URL: the limited liability company “Publishing house “Concept” (BIN 1126229002899, WAS 6229045796), hereinafter referred to as “Publisher” is an Offer to conclude a contract regarding usage rights, significant terms of the Offer for the conclusion of which is described hereinafter and illustrated by the Author in the text of his Offer to the Publisher.

The relations arising between the Publisher and Authors of articles sent for publication in compliance with the set forth in the present notice procedure, the provisions of paragraph 2 of article 432, paragraphs 2, 3 of article 434, paragraph 1 of the article 437, paragraph 3 of article 438, article 1235, 1286 of the Civil code of the Russian Federation.

Party (the assignee of the exclusive rights, rights of use) contracts, concluded in accordance with the procedure described here is the Publisher, and the other Party (the owner of the exclusive rights, rights of use and counterparty of Publisher) – Author.

After the adoption of the text of Work to be published in the manner prescribed by the Procedure for review of manuscripts (full text, see URL:, and in case of conformity of conditions of the received Offer editorial and publishing policy of the Publisher to the Author sent via e-mail an invoice for payment of services for the editorial preparation of the text of Work, the cost of an issue of the journal. The publication fee is 900 rubles per one page of text (includes the cost of the editorial preparation of the manuscript, a copyright copy of the journal and postage costs of Publisher).

Work is published in the journal “Legal science” only, at no charge, for the transfer of Authors to the Publisher the rights to use the Work in accordance with the established procedure the remuneration is not paid to Authors.

[1] If the Work has two or more Authors, a transfer agreement to the Publisher exclusive rights (rights of use) in such Work may be concluded by one of the Authors of the Work indicated in the Offer terms of co-authorship.

[2] The Offer of the Author to the Publisher shall be sent in writing in electronic form. When you send the Author to the Publishing house electronic message containing the text Works and the text of the Offer are:

– the text in the form and format set forth in “how to submit the text of a Work for the purpose of publication in the journal “Legal science”;

– electronic copy of the original personally signed by the Author of blueprint of the Offer or the Offer in the form of an electronic document signed by reinforced qualified signature of the Author.

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