Circulation of print publications:

  1. Legal deposit copies of the journal are circulated to the main libraries of Russia by the Federal Law “On Legal Deposit Copy of Documents”.
  2. The journal is in the list of the Union Catalogue “Russian Press” (index 82319). The catalogue is published twice a year with the circulation of more than 200 000 copies. It includes over 4000 Russian and foreign magazines and newspapers, both printed and on digital media. By means of the union catalogue libraries, universities and other organizations all over Russia take out a wide subscription for the magazine.
  3. The edition is formatted by the Institute of Scientific Information for Social Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences (INION RAN). The Institute of Scientific Information for Social Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences (INION RAN) was established in 1969 on the basis of Fundamental Library of the Social Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences (FBON). It is a member of Presidium of Russian Academy of Sciences. The Institute has become famous due to the system of scientific publications (bibliographic, abstract and analytical), scientific researches in different spheres of social sciences and humanities, Fundamental Library with more than 14 million units of issue, and Automatized Information System in Social Sciences (AISON).

At present great attention is paid to the circulation of electronic version of the journal so that results of researches can be obtained by scientific community much more effectively.

The Journal is in the database of Russian Science Citation Index (RINTs)

  1. Full-text issues of the periodical are available for free access on Scientific Electronic Library E.LIBRARY.RU. Scientific Electronic Library E.LIBRARY.RU. is the greatest informational portal in the sphere of science, technology, medicine, education, which contains abstracts and full texts of more than 14 million research papers and publications. Over 2500 Russian scientific and technical periodicals including more than 1300 magazines in free access can be found on E.LIBRARY.RU.
  2. Full-text issues are represented on the Scientific Electronic Library “KiberLeninka”. It is a scientific electronic library of the new generation, which aim is to popularize the reading of educational and scientific literature and to provide knowledge accessibility in science, education and art among students, postgraduates, scientists and all other people that are interested in topical researches and the last achievements of modern science.In order to publish the results of dissertation researches the library is collated with research papers published in Russian and near abroad periodicals including scholarly journals that are in the list of VAK RF of the leading scientific presses. Scientific texts represented in the library can be found in the internet in free access by means of popular search engines or by the system of full-text scientific search with the support of Russian morphology on the website of the library. The users of the library can read researches using pads, mobile phones and other popular devices.
  3. Full-text issues of the journal are presented in the Electronic library system IPRbooks. IPRbooks – scientific and educational resource for the solution of problems of training in Russia and abroad. Unique platform EBS IPRbooks brings together the latest information technologies and training licensed literature. Content FBS IPRbooks meets the requirements of high school standards, open source software, and additional distance learning. FBS IPRbooks fully complies with the requirements of Russian legislation in the field of education. IPRbooks is the country’s first certified e-library system and satisfying the basic requirements of GOST in the field of library and publishing (certificates of conformity “Informikasert” systems and “Inkomtehsert”). In 2015, EBS IPRbooks among the three market leaders.
  4. The journal is included into the IVIS database. “IVIS” Co ltd is one of the greatest Russian distributors of printed periodicals, books, microfilms, microfiches, electronic databases of the periodical literature and other informational resources. IVIS is an official partner and an exclusive distributor of the American company «East View Information Services, Inc» in Russia and CIS. At present the East View catalogue contains more than 15 thousand newspapers and magazines from East Europe, Asia and Middle East including about 7 thousand items from Russia and near abroad countries.

The journal is registered in the Federal service for supervision in the sphere of communications, information technology and mass communications (ROSKOMNADZOR). Media registration certificate PI No FS77- 41561 from August the 13th, 2010. Promoter: Iroshnikov Denis Vladimirovich